Trying something new thish. Remember how the old pulps used to carry reviews of fanzines? Well, for ages now Guy Lillian III has been hosting The Zine Dump, (in connection with his own excellent fanzine, Challenger, which has been nominated many, many times for Best Fanzine by the insightful people at the Hugo Awards.) Guy has agreed to let Planetary Stories run excerpts from The Zine Dump, thus the name: The Zine Dump-X!

Thanx, Guy.

/ Dave Langford / 94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 5AU / U.K. / U.S. Agent: Janice Murray, P.O. Box 75684, Seattle, WA 98125-5684 / or google it. / Dave's website provides copies of an Ansibles back to the beginning of Time; the early issues, predatmg the web, in fact predating printing itself, have been rekeyed by various good Sams. Re-experiencing them is, as the owl says, a hoot. The current, April issue is enjoyable as ever . . . quoting Al Gore's riposte to Michael Crichton before the House of Representatives . . . revealing that Arnold Drake, whom I met at DC Comics, has shucked this mortal coil . . . Including David Weber -- whose brother mike (small "m") is a lifelong SFPA bro -- in "Thog's Masterclass" . . and opening matters with one of the cutest Rotsler's I've ever seen. But why tell you this? If you're an SF fan, you know Ansible as well as I.

/ John Purcell, 3744 Marielene Circle, College Station, TX 77845 / John is hardly a newcomer to fanzines, but this is nevertheless a debut. As the former creator of In A Prior Lifetime tries his hand, at last, on a "true" genzine. I found this issue on eFanzines, but John will provide print copies to those who want them, and I want one. A superb, whimsical Brad Foster cover -- airbrush lends itself to whimsy -- leads into a minute-by-minute Corflu report; John exults that the smallness of the "memory-jogging" convention allowed him to "pinball" from conversation to conversation, and meet everybody there. (Reminds me of the way DeepSouthCon used to be, before gamer regionals swallowed it up.) Contributor Linda Bushyager writes about Las Vegas buffets, the sort of piece I wish Dennis Dolbear would pen for Challenger, as New Orleans restaurants recover from Katrina. Other offerings are also fine. Lloyd Penney reviews fanzines, exulting over Five-Yearly as did I. FAAn winner Teresa Cochran talks about her entry into fandom, and Roxanne Mills speaks of her super-hearing, a.k.a "mommy ears." John fills space with listings of forthcoming Texas conventions -- none, alas, as close as the Austin Corflu, which I missed.

/ Arnie Katz, 909 Eugene Cernan St., Las Vegas NV 89145 / / Arnie's on-line publication hits this time on a topic very close to my concerns, the coming death of paper fanzines, in advertising a new project. This is The Fan Store, which will collect and distribute both dead-tree treasures and electronic zines. Check out and see how it's doing. After a clever column by Shelby Vick, Earl Terry Kemp -- son of

el's editor -- breaks my heart with tales of Berkeley's Change of Hobbit bookstore, which opened, alas, after I'd left UC. Best item in the issue is Joyce Katz's series on "How I Found Fandom" at the Ozark SF Association. An epic lettercol follows. Arnie, the voice of "Core Fandom", continues to demonstrate its best qualities: awesome energy, ability, and commitment to the fanzine medium. Corflu will return to his Vegrant bailiwick in '08.

/ Robert Sabella, 24 Cedar Manor Court, Budd Lake NJ 07828-1023 / / now on eFanzines / The print version of VoP consisted of three parts. "The Passing Scene" is what we find on eFanzines this month, facts that have "percolated" through Bob's mind of late -- unlike him, I remember exactly what I was doing the day Nixon resigned (dealing with a druggie girlfriend's disastrous trip to New York City, where I then worked); his memories of childhood toys reminds me of "Blooming Rabbit" and makes me greatful I still have Tony, the cloth woofer I'll take with me into eternity. His spontaneous list of his five favorite genre books intersects once with mine, on The Stars My Destination. Bob's personal diary ranges from December of last year through February of aughtr-7, and includes teacher wors, bird sightings, and a mention of the famous Fei Fei. A fusillade of terrible jokes ends the issue. Another was announced the day before Easter, accompanied by some eminently silly egg-oriented cartoons.

Some closing notes.
Don't forget: support DUFF by buying The Antipodal Route, my report on our 2003 Australian trip -- $10 by check (made out to Joe Siclari but sent here) or PayPal (email for info). -- . . . -- Zine Dump is being e-distributed on Easter Sunday. Happy Egg Day, everybody!

Fillo by Bill Rotsler

For those three or four who aren't familiar with him, let me introduce --


Guy Lillian got involved in fannish activities as a teenager, penning and publishing dozens of letters to comic books, principally those edited by his eventual friend and mentor, Julius Schwartz. He entered active SF fandom through the kindness of Poul Anderson, who brought him into the great Bay Area SF club, the Little Men, and joined the New Orleans SF Association on his own. His 35-year membership in the Southern Fandom Press Alliance whetted his appetite for fanzines, a gluttony he has sated with the two worldcon program books he has co-edited and CHALLENGER, his genzine, eight times a Hugo nominee. Check it out at He also publishes THE ZINE DUMP; if you publish an SF-oriented fanzine of any type, he wants to see it at 8700 Millicent Way #1501, Shreveport LA 71115.

Oh yes -- when not up to his earlobes in fanac, he is married to the former Rose-Marie Green and is a public defense lawyer in Bossier Parish, Louisiana.

(By the way; the signature on the charicature is "Kelly Freas"!)