Cover by Jerry Burge illustrating "FALLING"


I call my editorial 'Dreaming' because this new magazine is all about dreams and dreaming; dreaming of elves being real, along with all the other mythical characters our authors might use.

But there's also a personal reason for the title: I'm dreaming! Dreamig about doing something different -- not just a different magazine, but a different way of doing things. It started with the double-column routine I struggled with, then it became the dream of not only doing a new magazine in a new format -- but also doing the entire thing differently. Not only no pulp background, but no columns!

You'll see how this all develops, if you'll stick with us.

Much credit for the appearance of this issue goes to Gerald Page; he has a portfolio of Jerry Burge art and, from that, provided art for the cover as well as interior illos. Also, many thanks to Clif Jackson, who did the lettering for the cover as well as for the Contents heading, and other headings inside.

You will have noticed one departure from our sister mag, Planetary Stories -- no pulp background! Don't misunderstand; I like the pulp background and will continue using it in P.S., but. . .Wonderlust is not an attempt to create a fantasy pulp mag from olden days; while many of our stories might read like that, we are actually open to anything in the line of speculative fiction, modern as well. Don't misunderstand me; we love the swashbuckling kind of stories, and will have them when contributions permit, but we're willing to look at it all!

As with P.S., an issue can change even after issue. Want to find out more? Read on. . .not just this issue, but the next one and the next one and the next one. . . .

DOLPHIN GIRL by Rick Brooks

KINGS MAY DIE Part One by Carleton Grindle

KINGS MAY DIE Part Two by Carleton Grindle

NIGHTLIFE by Richard W Brown

FALLING by Ian Covell

Copyright (c) 2006 by Wonderlust. All rights revert to contributors on publication.
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