Because the old chimney
was in need of a sweep,
Santa came into
the room saying, “Bleep!”
Then the lights all came on
and a crowd gathered round,
gave voice to a cheer:
a formidable sound.
But Santa just glowered
as he brushed off the soot
and put down his sack
on Shelby Vick’s foot.
He said, “Cut the racket
and get out of my way.
I got work to do.
It’s practically day.”
“Here’s Santa, our Santa,
Mary Ann van Hartesveldt cooed.
Her Santa just snarled,
“Folks, do I have to be rude?
It’s well past your bedtimes.
You should be ensconced
in toasty warm blankets.
Now get there at once!”
“Why don’t you chill out, Claus?”
Shelby Vick suggested.
“Libate some libations;
get something ingested.
We’re tossing a party
and you’re guest of honor.
We’ve even got hay
for Blitzen and Donner
and all of the others
dis-shingling my roof.

And with you they could use
some fun on the hoof.”
“Do you know its Christmas?
I’ve got things to do.
Ten million visits –
and that’s before two!”
“Relax,” Shelby told him.
“I’ve thought about that.
I’ve found two good heads
to try on your hat.
Mark Fults and Doug Kaye
to keep things on track.”
“Those two?” said Santa.
“You mean Frick and Frack?”
Shelby grabbed Santa’s arm
and gave him a drag.
Then it was too late;
they’d left with the bag.
“If anything happens,”
Nick said, with a glare.
“I’ll nail you for it,
Shelby Vick, so I swear.”
But Shelby ignored him
and before very long
Santa and party
Were both going strong.
There was food on the table
and spike in the punch;
veggies to nibble,
and crispies to crunch.
The games they played then!
(They weren’t reindeer games)
The whole PS family!
{Nick knew all their names.})
Well, it lasted till dawn
when the reindeer brought back
Mark Fults, Doug Kaye
and one empty sack.
“I loved it,” said Santa
As his leave he did take.

“The best part was when Sarah
jumped out of that cake.”
And he called out to Shelby
as he left for the Pole,
“I almost feel bad
about all that coal!”