Is there intelligent life in the universe?

Does it matter???

It would take three hundred million years for a message to cross the universe and the answer get back to us. Or, letís get it much closer Ė the round trip for a message/reply to Proxima Centauri would be almost nine years.

ďAre you there?Ē
(Almost four and a half years pass.)
ďThe party you are calling is not available. At the tone, please leave a message.Ē
And it takes another long time for you to find out no one was home. . . .

ĖOh, I know; I know. Iím forgetting Wormhole Technology. Iím forgetting about the Slipstream. Iím forgetting Ė

No, Iím ignoring fantasy! Instead of all this stuff about Searching the Universe, why donít we spend more time doing something sensible, like trying to communicate with tubeworms at the bottom of the ocean?

Can someone please tell me?