Here's some Space Opera news I received and just had to pass on!

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In the spirit of Captain Future, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers comes MARS McCOY!

Pulp master Ron Fortier pooled the imaginations of a team of nine talented writers to create the world of Mars McCoy and the Space Patrol. The first volume will feature four new stories of this all-new, star-spanning character, harkening back the golden age of the pulps. The book will be illustrated by Gonzalo Martinez with a cover painting by Mark Maddox.

Below is Maddox's design for the Black Bird, the go-to spacecraft for McCoy's Space Patrol.

Volume One of the adventures of Mars McCoy will be released by WhiteRocketBooks in the spring of 2008. The first full-length Mars McCoy novel, written by Van Allen Plexico (The Sentinels), will follow shortly thereafter.

More information as it becomes available.