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Illo by Roy Coker

And Other Creatures of the Night

Part the Second


I said to Sweet Carrie,
"Sweet Carrie," I said.
"We're being attacked
By the Living Dead."
"Why, we can't have that,"
Sweet Carrie replied.
"Let's lop off their heads
To remind them they've died."
She danced out to meet them
And carried a blade;
And she was more active
And nimble than staid.
She lopped off some heads,
A leg and an arm
But those zombies kept coming,
Intent to do harm.
Sweet Carrie just laughed
And met them right there
Her blade swinging silver
And bright in the air.
And zombie heads flew
To the left and the right.
And she kept it up
Until well into night.
The zombies kept coming
With heads or without
And Carrie kept chopping.
Oh, man! What a bout.
She danced in amongst them;
They bumbled about.
The zombies came closer
Then stumbled back out.
She chopped all their heads off,
Each leg and each arm.
Till none was left standing
To threaten us harm.
All this before breakfast
Did Sweet Carrie do,
Then ate toast with butter
And jam on it, too.

Part the Third