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Illo by Roy Coker

Here's a goblin's dozen verses for Halloween to be posted between now and Halloween it's own self, 2009. What? You say you don't see any goblins dozen of them? It must be before Halloween. Come back tomorrow and you'll find another. And another the day after that, and so on until Halloween, when the feature ought to be complete. Meanwhile, you're certainly welcome to read what's there. And don't forget to come back.

And Other Creatures of the Night

Part the First (Minus Thirteen and Counting)


Let's have a Halloween party;

Let's have a trick or treat bash.

We'll have a punch made from pumpkins.

And we'll dance the monster mash.

Let's invite ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

Ask the headless horseman, too.

Go ahead and invite everybody.

Just don't forget to invite me and you.

Let's do a Halloween countdown

We'll go from thirteen down to one.

Let's have some Halloween poems

To start off all the Halloween fun.


PS -- Watch the skies for part 2. Well, watch the internet and Planetary Stories.

Part the Second