eing a former fifteenth century monk, I do not pretend to understand that which is beyond my comprehension. But due to the revelations of God through Sir Anthony Creus, I have faithfully recorded this information with scroll and pen. I still remember the day that he knocked on the door of my secluded cottage on a hill on the coast of France. I was at once put into a stage of fright. Either he was a creature from the depths of hell or a messenger from God on high.

He explained that his metallic craft had hit the sea cliffs and was almost smashed to pieces. "May I come in?" he asked.

He stood near the doorway wearing a queer uniform that looked like a knight prepared for battle. Removing a glass cage from his head, he smiled in friendship.

"Please do!" I replied, entranced by his appearance. I did not wish to arouse the anger of this weird creature. He stepped inside the stone hallway and I led him to some large oak chairs in the living room. He was a tall one and seemed to have the wisdom of the ages in his brown eyes and haggard face. We sat down to face each other.

He used words that were clipped and a bit hard to understand but I had studied English at the monastery "Let me introduce myself," he stated. "I am Anthony Creus of the Interplanetary Space Corps," although I had no idea what the Interplanetary Space Corps was. "I am William Parsley," I replied. My guest seemed weary as if from a long journey.

"We were going from Earth to Mars in the twenty first century. I was a ship Captain. We ran into a swarm of meteors," he explained anxiously. "We avoided the meteor swarm, but was courting disaster, particularly since we had been off course for several hours. We really had no choice and became hopelessly lost in space. Our only recourse was to put ourselves into a state of suspended animation, hoping to reach safety."

I stared at Sir Anthony, believing that he most certainly was a lunatic although he had spoken with authority.

"It was not 700 years in the past as my time indicator on the dashboard read. I realize now that only one thing made that possible. I had circled the entire galaxy and it took so long to happen that the whole great system of suns and other materials had run their course in time, and had reformed again, apparently in the same pattern as the first time. Your own fifteenth century is far ahead of anything I remember. I could even tell you of things that will happen 700 years into your future since history is repeating itself."

I shook my head, unable to believe or comprehend what I had heard and said, "Perhaps you had better lay down to rest."

He stayed with me for the next several days, seeming to brood at times as if he was wrestling with a great problem. "I have decided to devote my life to the advancement of mankind," he explained as we strolled along the beach.

"What would you do first?" I inquired.

"I have an idea how to start," he said. "Have you heard of Columbus? Oh, but of course you haven't. This is 1462 according to the time indicator on my ship."

"And what of this unknown person , Columbus?" I asked.

"I am going to discover the new world ahead of him by 30 years. I'll sail west to the Americas."

"But you will plunge to your death if you try it!!" I cried out in terror.

"Nonsense! I have circled the Earth several times in spacecraft," he said.

He put together two boxes he called radios and demonstrated what they could do. "We can communicate after I am gone," he said. Then he showed me how to send and receive messages. I felt amazed, realizing he was either a devil or a genius

He left me for a time after that, then returned with a crew of several people including some nobles and even a king. I realized that he was great at selling his ideas. They gathered around the church.

I almost wished that I had volunteered to go with them as they went down to the ocean and loaded supplies aboard the ship. How such a ship could sail was beyond me. It had no sails but only an engine that spouted fire out of its tail. More witchcraft? I didn‘t know!

I watched with mists forming in my eyes as the ship traveled away. I felt certain that I would never see him or his companions again. I had heard tales of what would happen if one got near the edge of the world. There were large sea serpents that would devour you. And the wind blew fiercely, causing you to drop into an endless void if the serpents didn't get you. To claim that the Earth was round was pure heresy against the teachings of the church.

It was a month later that Sir Anthony's voice came back through the box on the table of my house. I leaped across the room in joy to answer it.

"I'm happy to hear your voice again!" I said into the box. "This box is truly wonderful. But where are you?"

"Still sailing across the Atlantic to the new world. I will certainly view land again soon. Would you record this information in your book?" he asked.

"Gladly!" I answered.

" I need to know if the weather is clear," he began. " We have sighted driftwood, birds, and other things. The crew almost mutinied until they settled down and cheered when they thought that Land was near. But there is a strange roar that we have heard all day. I have decided it must be waves breaking on a beach ahead of us."

"A few days later I received another message from him.

"What is wrong?" I asked, feeling something terrible had happened.

"All is lost!" he cried out. "I have come forward in time to a new era where the world is flat in a alternate universe and many things are different."

"Don't let Columbus make that trip if you Can stop him!"

I frowned, perplexed as his voice faded again. I did not know anything of this man, Columbus. Perhaps I would never find him. It left me in a state of despair.

His voice came to me in a loud yell. "We are going over the edge of the world into eternity. My engine is not powerful enough to prevent this! Goodbye my friend!"

I realized that he was gone forever. I angrily slammed the radio box into the wall. Sir Anthony Creus was a good Man. Perhaps even a great one! It was awful that he had become hopelessly caught in the web of that awful demon, Witchcraft.

The End

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