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Alright, everybody -- in spite of everything, we're back again.
Let's start off with a short one from Martyn Osmundsen.

I know you like feedback on the stories, but I'm too extremely prejudiced in favor of my own work to give an unbiased opinion. I do love the illustration for Dayover. It is EXACTLY what Larry would be doing that weekend. So please understand that when I say the Star Drek parody was not enjoyable.

I'll tell the Cap. The parody was an idea he came up with, and he wasn't sure it was right or not. I'll tell him you voted 'Not.'
On the other hand, here's another short note from Clif Jackson.

I haven't been doing much in the way of letters of comment, but wanted to let you know I'm still chuckling about the 'Next Generation' take-off.

I guess it's one of those 'win-some,-lose-some' situations, huh?
Now, here's a well-thought-out letter from Gerd Maximovic.

Here I'm back again. Having read Planetary Stories 35.
___First, you mention bugs and flu. Well, computer bugs can be explained technically or invisibly. It depends. Volume of both of my TV sets is normal again. Not necessary to buy a new one.
__Regarding "flu". That's "influenza". You see, people creating words were very clever a long, long time ago when language was designed. They KNEW. For instance: so "flu" can very well be due to "influence" by "aliens" surrounding you. Often my nose is dripping. Mostly when it's cold, on bike. But more often in my dwelling, where it's warm and cosy. So why? For sure, the alien in this house is responsible.
___Good in your magazine is also your mentioning your own name when a story is suggested by you. It shows us, there is a good co-operation.
___"Interplanetary Showdown" by David Howard. Well told story of an alien invasion. They are "dusting" the others, so they get drowned... At the end of the story there is an interesting note on the author. He is retired and now has time to work on his texts. Very well, David Howard, go on looking through the old texts, and make them fresh and new.
___"From Q to OZ" and "Morphanese" by J. Eckart Lytle. First one is fantasy with flying monkeys and a magic stick, and more. Very well, one sentence we often find in fantasy as well as in fairy tales: "Point the staff at them and conscentrate on what you really want!" Yes, very good, you wonder what will happen then, and you ask why. Why? Maybe because there is a personal subconscious as Emile Coue desribed it to heal yourself? Oh yes, there is! So, you are "the magic person" yourself. Yes, you are, to a certain degree. Just take it serious! - Second story is entertaining, love story, fights, even a guard awakens from death. We read: "You take an awful lot of walks. They unclutter my mind -- helps me to think." Well, walking is helpful in this respect. Me, I am biking every day, on fresh air, it's healthy and sound, far better than driving a car. This week I have made 94,000 km in total in more than 25 years (on bikes, of course!).
___"The Trap in the Closet" by William Quincy Belle. There is a hole in the world, through which we tumble down. Then we try to escape from the bizarre world down there. Jack, the hero, makes his way out, and falls down again. And others report: they are falling, too! Good idea, it' a very well told yarn here. We understand: this world is full of traps. Yes, but how to get out of THEM? Out of the real traps?
___"A Dayover" by Martian Edwards. Aliens take over mankind spiritually. Hell, we consider items again, happening just now. How do you take over mankind's spirit or mind? My proposition: Take over television, and you get their minds... No? Maybe better ask Philip K. Dick, and what he suspected this way.
___Finally an article "7 of 9" by Robin Usher. Sex in Space Opera and SF. How many women are you allowed to marry? Ask the moslems, they think differently. How much wifes had OUR forefathers? Only one? No, in former times (long ago) the family structures were quite different from today. There, in the essay, is the paradise, and why Adam and Eve had to leave this wonderful place. But, please, was it just a green garden (full of apple trees), very delicious for desert inhabitants, or was it more? For instance, was the paradise a place where the relations of people were different from today? A place you could step out of the door, without instantly being killed, like today, somewhere? There is much more in this essay worth reading. - But please do not neglect the stories, Shelby, they are the main thing in your magazine(s).
___Art is okay or excellent, depending an the money you can rise. Also your fotos used there (for instance "Blue Sky" photographed) are okay. Jose Sanchez is very good (reminds me of the Golden Era of SF where in the German edition of "Galaxy-Magazine", and on other publications, there were printed exciting cover-paintings, luring you directly into the text; so I myself came to SF, couldn't resist the wonderful cover of a novel). That is (was) excellent romance pure.
___There is also a valuable short note on Shelby Vick himself. Very well! I tell you, you look YOUNG! Did you know? I hope so. You are always looking like you feel. Feeling like 17, you look (almost) like 17. "In January 2005 he published the first issue of Planetary Stories and the rest is history." Very well, we want more history to come. Interesting, exactly in 2005, I discovered Emile Coue. Chance? Maybe. Schopenhauer says there is no chance, we just don't understand the connections in between things.
___It's good to read Planetary Stories, there is entertainment, and serious questions arise behind it. Taking readers serious, that's what we want!
___As always, there is a fresh spirit wafting through your magazine.
___Kind regards,

Thankee kindly for your efforts, Gerd. I'd say your reaction to the parody was an almost-'right', hmmm? But I don't think the Cap is gonna run any more parodies.

But wait! Here's another letter from Gerd, this one talking about Pulp Spirit.

I did read Pulp Spirit 24.

Looking around the stories and pictures you publish, there is always a tickle (an appeal) to it. There is Len Dobsons's "Old Father", a story wherein revenge is postponed. Clear, hard story telling, no modern artificial writing.
___And there is Mark Nassutti's "Murder on the Old Santa Fe Trail". Some sort of humor, well and strongly told (attractive illos as well). Discussion in the saloon good, like people are really talking. Also the bio is interesting where Mark explains he is not writing only for himself alone but as well for others who might judge his writing worth reading. A writer always writes for himself (hopefully doing his best) and for his public.
___In Mark's story there is a hunt for "TJ", we learn, "TJ" is already dead. But indeed, there are creatures - in this story and maybe in reality - who knew it before. Because in the story there are mules and horses shying away from the dead "TJ" before the hero himself knows what happened. There arises one question: wherefrom do animals know there is lying a corpse? Indeed, what Mark hints on can be true.
___Dogs for instance "know" much more than men. So often times they, barking, sound alarm. Is this only so because they smell someone? There are verified stories, the dog's master comes home untimely, but the dog, already scratching at the door, knows it. Regarding the distance, this cannot be due to the sense of smell. But wherefrom knows the dog his far distant master - untimely - is coming? Mind reading? Soul reading? For sure, something like that.
___One more example for animals' abilities. I'm living here at fifth floor, bright view over the roof of the next house towards the dome. Sometimes swarms of birds are gathering there. They - all together - fly up and down, left and right, thousands, ten thousands of birds, almost faultlessly, they make curves and turns, like in the ballet, like exercised on stage. Please, tell me: how can 10 000 birds fly like one body? How? So-called scientists "explain" this, they say, the birds touch their wings, and so they rise and turn, in an incredible way as swiftly as they can. Do you really believe they touch their wings? Or should we not better think, for such a compact body, there is contact soul to soul, making those birds turn and curve? Poor modern "scientists", who only believe in technique, being thus far away from nature, they do not even try to understand! Look at a swarm of birds, and tell me, how and why!

Until next time,

Appreciate it, Gerd. Now, signing off until the next ish!

Sgt Luna


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