e’s an alien.” Roger said.

“Roger hush and finish eating your potatoes.” Mrs. Amber said.

“Yes, Roger. What have we told you about saying unkind things to people?” Mr. Amber said.

“I’m so sorry, Edgar. It’s just that well. Roger is not quite used to being around new people.” Mrs. Amber said.

Edgar lifted his glass of milk and he looked across the food filled table at Roger with a smile.

“Its okay, Mrs. A. I understand.” Edgar said.

Roger stared at Edgar as he jabbed his fork within the mound of mashed potatoes in his plate.

“Besides, I hope that we can become friends.” Edgar said.


Roger twisted his face into a scowl as he continued to stab at his potatoes.

“You like football, right?” Edgar asked.

“He loves football.” Violet said.

Violet shoved a forkful of meatloaf into her mouth. She turned from Roger and she looked at Edgar with a smile.

Edgar smiled as he sipped from his glass.

“Good, so do I. Maybe we can get a good game going after dinner.” Edgar said cheerfully.

Edgar lowered his glass of milk to the table and he looked at the far end of the square shaped table. He stared at Mr. Amber who was seated at the head of the table with wide eyes.

“How bout it, Mr. A?” Edgar asked.

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The Juncture of Doubt
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Mr. Amber chewed thoughtfully and he looked up at the ceiling for a brief moment before he spoke.

“Tossing the old pigskin around for a few minutes sounds like an excellent idea. Its been awhile since Roger and I have had a little rough and tumble.” Mr. Amber said.

Mrs. Amber giggled as she sipped at her glass of wine.

“And the yard certainly is big enough. Love what you’ve done with those hedges by the way, Mr. A.” Edgar said.

Mr. Amber turned from his plate and he looked across the table at Edgar with a wide smile.

“Why thank you, Edgar. Bought me a pair of those new fangled high powered clippers. And I got me a book on shaping hedges.” Mr. Amber said.

Mrs. Amber wiped at her mouth with a linen napkin and she cleared her throat as she rose from the table.

“Well, you football lovers had better get a move on. Violet and I will take care of things here. Roger, why don’t you get that nice new football that your Grandpa sent you for your birthday last month?” Mrs. Amber asked.


Roger spit out a mouthful of watery potatoes in the middle of his food laden plate. He sat upright in his seat and he stared at Edgar with menace as he lifted his left arm and dragged the limb across his buttery slick lips.

He rose from his seat and he grabbed at the rear of the furnishing. He lifted the chair off of the floor and he slammed it atop the rug covered flooring with a loud bang. He let out a laugh and he ran from the dining room.

Mrs. Amber sighed as she grabbed Roger’s plate.

“I just don’t know what to do with that boy.” Mrs. Amber said.

Mr. Amber tossed his napkin into his plate and he chortled as he rose from his chair.

“Ah, now its just a phase Selma.” Mr. Amber said.

Edgar leaped from his seat and he eased his form to the side. He stood behind Violet’s chair and he smiled as he pulled her seat from beneath her form.

Violet giggled as she rose from her chair and she turned around and grabbed at Edgar’s arm. She stared into his eyes and she felt her cheeks grow hot when she heard her mother clear her throat

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The Juncture of Doubt
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loudly at her side.

Violet squeezed Edgar’s hand and she moved to the table.

“I don’t know, Arthur. Some of the crazy ideas that gets into that boy’s head.” Mrs. Amber said.

“We all go through it. Why when I was his age I was convinced that my Science teacher was actually from another planet.” Mr. Amber said.

Mr. Amber slapped at his belly as he turned from the table.

Edgar took his hand from within Violet’s grasp and he followed the middle aged man to the doorway that lead to the family room.

“Really?” Edgar asked with a laugh.

Mr. Amber held his protruding abdomen and he let out a small burp as he entered the spacious room. He glanced around the neatly arranged space and he stared at a pair of closed glass doors ahead of him.

He peered out of the transparent doors and he saw the lush green grass of the backyard in front of him. He smiled as he looked at a cluster of shrubs that lay in the far corner of the fenced-in space.


“Sure. There was this time. Well it was really a dream I had. Of the guy eating one of my classmates, and spitting out the boy’s shoes.” Mr. Amber said.

Edgar tossed back his head and he laughed.

Mr. Amber walked across the room and he paused in front of the doors. He raised his hand and he unlatched the shining brass lock that lay atop the handles of the barriers.

“Turns out what happened was from a movie I saw. And I dreamed the whole thing. Funny how your dreams can mash together.” Mr. Amber said.

The sound of running footsteps filled the room.

Mr. Amber slid the doors ajar and he let out a chortling cough when he felt a light bump at his side. He looked down and he saw Roger sprint out of the doors and leap into the yard in front of him.

The little boy held a gleaming football in his hands and he took a few steps away from the door as he tossed the ball into the air.

“Hey son. Well, let’s get this game going.” Mr. Amber said.

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The Juncture of Doubt
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Mr. Amber pulled the doors open and he stepped out into the chilly air with a loud groan. He raised his hands over his head and he let out a low cry as the sound of loud pops and creaks filled the air.

“You okay, Mr. A?” Edgar asked.

Mr. Amber turned from his son and he stared into the young man’s face with wide eyes.

“Of course I am. Come on out and I’ll show you.” Mr. Amber said.

“Now you be careful!” Mrs. Amber shouted.

Edgar turned around and he saw Mrs. Amber standing in the doorway of the massive room.

The middle-aged woman held a damp cloth in her hand and she wiped at a bowl that lay atop her right palm.

“The last time my husband tried to show another young whipper- snapper what he was made of, he ended up in the Emergency Room with a dislocated shoulder, a sprained ankle and wounded pride.” Mrs. Amber said.

“That was before I was in shape.” Mr. Amber cried.

Mrs. Amber shook her head as she continued to rub at the dish


in her hands.

Violet entered the room and she held a handful of silverware as she stood beside her mother. She looked at Edgar and her cheeks flushed crimson as she smiled at him.

Edgar smiled at Violet and he looked at Mrs. Amber with a wide grin.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. A. I’ll go easy on him.” Edgar said.

“Oh you will, will you? Prepare to be crushed.” Mr. Amber said.

Mrs. Amber and Violet laughed. They watched the young man turn around and they looked up with alarm when they saw Roger leap in front of the glass doors.

The little boy dropped the football in his hands and he grabbed at the glass partitions. He slid the doors shut and he took a step back with a look of glee across his features.

Edgar smiled at Violet and he turned around. He took a step forward and he let out a loud cry as the front of his form slammed into the closed glass doors.

The sound of a resounding bang filled the room and the young man’s body was propelled backwards just before he collapsed onto his spine.

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The Juncture of Doubt
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Roger jumped and cheered as he stood in front of the closed doors.

Mrs. Amber and Violet rushed forward.

Mr. Amber shoved his son to the side and he pulled the doors open. He fell to his knees in front of the young man and he grabbed at the motionless youth’s arms.

Violet dropped the silverware in her hand and she looked at Edgar’s face. She raised her hands to her mouth when she saw that his nose was crushed and that a flood of blue liquid gushed from the cavity.

Mrs. Amber dropped the dish in her hand as she watched the front of the young boy’s face contort and twist.

Loud popping sounds filled the air as the young man’s face jutted outwards until it was completely healed.

Loud banging sounds filled the room.

The Ambers jumped in fright and they turned in the direction of the sound.


They stared at the closed glass door and they saw Roger standing outside.

The little boy jumped up and down and he pointed at a thick smear of blue fluid that oozed from the center of the door.

“I told you! I told you!” Roger shouted.

Edgar let out a cough.

The Ambers rushed from his form and they looked at him with wide eyes.

Edgar opened his eyes and he sat up. He looked at the wide eyed people around him and he touched his face.

“I uh. I don’t know what to say.” Edgar said.

Violet rushed to her mother and she wrapped her arms around the middle--aged woman’s form as she shivered on the floor.

“You should have told us, son.” Mr. Amber said.

The middle aged man rose to his feet and he looked at the young man on the floor with wide eyes.

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The Juncture of Doubt
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“I didn’t really know what to say.” Edgar said.

He turned from Mr. Amber and he looked at Violet.

“But I do love your daughter.” He whispered.

Mrs. Amber held her daughter close to her as she looked at Edgar with wide eyes.

“Do something, Arthur! Don’t just stand there! The boy was right! He’s an alien!” Mrs. Amber cried.

Mr. Amber looked at the ceiling with a tired sigh.

“What am I supposed to do, hon? Kill him?” Mr. Amber asked.

“Call the government! The cops! Throw him out!” Mrs. Amber said.

Mr. Amber turned from his wife and he stared down at Edgar.

“I think you should leave and not come back.” Mr. Amber said.

Edgar looked up at the man with wide eyes. He turned from the


middle-aged man and he looked at Violet.

Violet held her mother and she sobbed against the ageing woman’s bosom.

“Violet…” Edgar began.

Violet pushed her mother away from her and she leaped to her feet.

“You heard my father. Just go! Go!” Violet shouted.

Edgar flinched at the sound of the young girl’s words.

He turned from her and he rose to his feet. He looked at the floor as his shoulders sagged.

“I’m sorry. I’ll just go.” He said.

The sound of a loud bang filled the space.

The Ambers turned from Edgar and they looked at the glass doors.

Roger stood in front of the closed partitions and he ran into the center of the room.

Planetary Stories
The Juncture of Doubt
Page 5

“Take me with you.” Roger said.

“Roger, no!” Mrs. Amber shouted.

Edgar looked at Roger with wide eyes.

“Look, you need to stay with your parents.” Edgar said softly.

Roger took a few steps forward. He twisted his face into a grimace before he leaned his head back. He wrinkled his nose just before an explosive sneeze poured from his form.

He raised his hand to his face and he grinned as he pulled his fluid filled fingers away from his mouth.

Mrs. Amber screamed when she saw thick blue liquid gush from her son’s nose and drip onto the carpet.

Mr. Amber grabbed at his heart and he took a few steps back.

Violet fell to her knees and she stared at her brother’s hands with a sob.

Edgar blinked as he watched Roger move towards him.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. It really sucks


here.” Roger said.

Edgar looked at Roger for a few moments before he nodded his head. He raised his hand and he extended the limb in Roger’s direction.

Roger wiped his fluid covered hands atop his shirt and he skipped across the room. He grabbed Edgar’s outstretched hand.

Edgar nodded at Roger and he glanced up at the wide eyed people around him before he turned around and headed towards the door.

Roger walked at Edgar’s side.

He turned around and he waved at his family before he walked out of the door.