he name's Jack Dare. I specialize in missing persons, but rich old Walter Dent called me in on a kidnapping case. He'd just paid big money to get an art treasure back. I arrived just as Inspector Lester Gibson's team was finishing up.

After the amenities, Les summed up for me. "It has to be an inside job, Jack. The thieves knew too much about the security system. Three new people started on an art cataloging project here, last month.

"Laura Dickson is the testing expert. Ross Luther is the photographer. And Pete Ruger is the researcher.

"The only clue we got is this ransom note. Here, it's been dusted for prints. See, simple block printing. The only unusual thing is the crook seemed to sharpen his pencil every word or two. See how much thinner the lines get?"

"Did you get writing samples?" I asked.

"Here, look. Nothing matches."

"Too short," I told Les. "Get longer samples. And let me watch."

Watch I did. When the third suspect finished, I told Les, "A sukiyaki dinner says Laura Dickson did it. I just saw the evidence."