In April, I'm going to Vegas!

--No, I won't be there to gamble (altho I'll surely put a few quarters in the slots!) I'm going to a convention. . . .Well, not just A convention -- it's Corflu Silver, where many fans I have known forever (well, for over forty years, anyway) will be gathering. Arnie Katz refers to us as Core Fandom, We are fans who have produced or written for (you'll excuse the expression) paper fanzines. Many of us still do, altho mine is limited to FAPA (Fantasy Amateur Press Association) distribution.

I'm writing this to suggest that any of you within reach of Vegas might come by so we can talk, compare notes, you might make suggestions, and all that. If you're going to be in the neighborhood, email me at www.planetarystories@gmail.com before April!

Now, it's possible you might want to actually join Corflu Silver. If so, here are the details:

Corflu Silver, the 25th Core Fandom Worldcon, will be held over the weekend of April 25, 26, and 27 at the Plaza Hotel, One Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. Room rates are $35 Monday thru Thursday and $72 Friday thru Sunday. Membership is $60, payable to Joyce Katz, 909 Eugene Cernan Street, Las Vegas NV, before March 22. If you have any questions, email Joyce at JoyceWorley@cox.net.

How will you recognize me? Just look for the bearded old geezer wearing a white teeshirt with a puffin on it! (In case you don't know what a puffin is, look to your right.)

--Shelby Vick