t was the cat that made me decide to murder my rich aunt. It was my money. I was her only kin. And here she was splurging it on a four-legged pest.

The sight of him rolling on the floor playing with a fuzzy tennis ball literally made me sick.

That black fiend lurked in the shadows and tormented me. Without warning, sharp claws would sink into the calf of my leg. He almost tripped me as I was going down the stairs once.

One day, driven by a hopeless fury, I kicked out at the brute. I missed but my aunt saw.

"Now Charlie. Blackie only wants to play."

I lost my temper. "That nasty fiend wants to kill me. You should get rid of it. Or I will."

Her mouth opened and closed. But she said nothing. Then I knew she was siding with the monster against her own flesh and blood.

I arranged to take a trip the next day. I'd visit a dumb little blonde I knew. A little something in her coffee and she would sleep soundly, then tell police that I'd been with her all night.

It was before midnight when I slipped into our family home, soon to be mine alone.

I tiptoed into my aunt's room. I could hear her snoring. I was carrying a pillow. Everyone knew that cats slept on peoples' faces and took their breath away.

No one would be surprised to find my aunt suffocated.

Before I got to her bed, there was a loud yowl. My aunt turned on her light. I raised my pillow to finish the job.

From off a bookcase, that vile cat sprang at my head, vicious claws extended.

I stepped back. Onto a tennis ball. The cat hit me and I went over backward. A window was right behind me.

I felt a sharp pain in my back as I went out the window. I lit hard. I must have blacked out for a moment.

When I opened my eyes, there was that cat just out of reach. He gave me a slitted look from fiery green eyes, then thrust up one back leg. He began washing the base of his tail.

I tried to get up. But I was so tired. Thought for a moment I heard sirens. Getting awfully dark.

Just a short nap. Then I'll get that damned cat once and for all.