Well, as I've said before, blame it on Joe Green.

Yes, he's the same Joe Green who, as Joseph L Green, has had scifi books published both here and abroad, plus many short stories and articles.

Joe and I became acquainted when we were both teens and I lived in Lynn Haven, Florida. He hailed from nearby Cottondale. We both wrote and sold around the same time -- but his writings were in scifi, while mine weren't. His were successful. 'Nuff sed.

ANYwee, we have kept in touch over the many years that have passed, and would critique each other's stories at times. In the last ten, twenty years he kept telling me that my writing belonged in the 'forties and 'fifties. (Not surprising, since that was when I really enjoyed the stories.)

"You need your own magazine," he said, several times.

Then, in my mid seventies, I ran across computer whiz Lloyd McDaniel and, whilst we were talking, I mentioned -- just in passing -- the desire to have my own magazine.

"Why not?" Lloyd said. . . .So you can blame Lloyd, too becos, next thing I knew, he had Planetary Stories up and running!

Then I ran across Jerry Page who has had his own magazine in the past and had not only a few stories in backlog, but many Jerry Burge illos, as well. And who has contributed many, many successful original stories, as well. Also, he had contacts with many authors and artists, all of whom have been quite generous with their output.

Readers, of course, have been the most important of all!

. . .and I really haven't pubbed THAT many stories of my own!