Cover by Wm Michael Mott, converted to cover by ShelVy -- illustrating "MARTIAN DREAMS"

Issue #3


Both Planetary Stories and Wonderlust are devoted to Ray Bradbuty this issue, and we were carrying the output of several talented authors and artists, as you have seen. There is more in Wonderlust. Read, enjoy!

There are TWO versions of Martian Dreams; the first one was a wee bit heavy, so -- in case you're having trouble bringing it up -- I'm carrying the Lite Version; words the same, difference on header and background, mainly.

Our next issue will contain good news, one way or another. If a fantasy I have submitted sells, I'll brag about it. If it doesn't sell, I'll run it for you to read. It's a good story so, either way, it'll be good news. A good story, but the editor I'm submitting it to might think it is of too limited an appeal -- if he does, then you will be the limited audience it will appeal to!

Another notice of our new email address -- Our new address is planetarystories@gmail.com

BLUEWATER $2.99...by Shelby Vick

MARTIAN DREAMS by Wm Michael Mott

MARTIAN DREAMS (Lite) by Wm Michael Mott

ROOFTOPS by Eric Lee


CAROUSEL by Anthony Larson

The HERMIT and the SNOWFLAKE by Gerald W Page

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