Cover by Wm Michael Mott

Issue #4


Both Planetary Stories and Wonderlust are devoted to Forrest J Ackerman this issue, and we are carrying the output of several talented authors and artists, as you can see. For instance, check out Yellow Light's illustrator, Julia Morgan-Scott, whose illustrations greatly pleased the author. He said "Julia's illustrations are marvelous. They're exactly what I hoped for. They show what I was seeing when I wrote the story."

There is more in Wonderlust. Read, enjoy!

I had promised/threatened to run a story of mine this issue if it were rejected. Well, it wasn't rejected. --No, don't start sending congratulations; I found that I haven't sent it! I'll try again. . . .

And let me repeat: Our new address is

THE BLACK STAR by Donald Sullivan

YELLOW LIGHT by Edmund Shirlan

A VISITOR TO BOOT HILL by Carleton Grindle