1914 - 2006

A landmark event has occurred.

Arthur Wilson Tucker, known to many as Bob, shifted from his earthly plane of existence to join other science-fiction immortals on October 6, 2006. His wife, Fern, died in June, and some believe her departure hastened his.

Tucker was a very successful author, having sold over 60 short stories and novels in his lifetime and won many well-deserved awards such as Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. His “Year of the Quiet Sun” earned him the J W Campbell Memorial Award and he won or was nominated for many others.

While well-known as a science fiction writer, Tucker also penned eleven successful mystery novels, in which he endeared himself to sf fandom by using names of fans in his novels.

Tucker’s career started in the movies – as a film projector. He enthralled many with his tales of slips he noticed as he watched the films, night after night, year after year.

Bob Tucker is also immortalized in science fiction fandom, having been a part of what is called First Fandom, the first group of sf fans who printed fanzines, formed clubs, created conventions and activated feuds. Even a brief listing of his fannish achievements would take way, way too long.

As “Hoy Ping Pong”, an alias he carried thru his life, he had a spoof story in the old Gernsback magazine WONDER STORIES. It wasn’t published as a paid-for story, but in the magazine’s letter column. Nonetheless, it made a splash, the ripples of which still widen.

Of great importance to us here at Planetary Stories, Tucker is known as the originator of the term “Space Opera”. Because of that, our next issue will be dedicated to him.

You don’t look good in black, Bob!