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In September of 2007 there are Jim Garrison illos for The Hive of the Flare Beasts, by Lee Tenibor, which you will find as the first story in this issue. As I said, that was in September of 2007, meaning Jim Garrison has been part of Planetary Stories for over eighty percent of its ten years! He was introduced by Jerry Page. While Jerry has done many Good Things for PS, I feel this ranks highest.

Jim's talents spread from Planetary Stories to Pulp Spirit and Wonderlust.

As you will see when you explore this special issue, the passage of time has not diminished his skills. And what you will see is only a drop in the bucket. I just picked a few stories he illustrated, not wanting to have a really gigantic issue.

Aside from stories, he also did fillers we scattered around and had illos for Table of Contents pages, a scant few that in in this issue celebrating his extremely faithful years of support and assistance.

Bringing you up-to-date, Tess Mckenzie, author of The Prince of Fey in our latest issue, wrote a glowing letter of appreciation concerning his illustrations for her story. She was floored at the way he caught the aura of the story and the manner in which he depicted her characters.

If you represent a paying market, I'd like to suggest you consider Jim Garrison for an occasional illustration. I say 'paying', but Jim will sometimes consider a copy of your magazine or one of your books as payment.

He can be contacted 9 to 5 Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, at 1-818-899-4272

Now get on into this issue!