Due to popular demand, the NEW PRINT EDITION of PULP WINDS is now available!

Do you like fast-paced action-adventure, where blades flicker and flash, bullets fly, and gore spurts in proper profusion? Do you long to tread ancient city streets, where danger lurks in the shadows and the chance to chase treasure could be around the next gabled corner? Ever want to throw off the trappings of modern day serfdom and roam free and wild, the wind in your hair, a horse beneath you, and a buxom adventuress riding by your side? Or have you dreamed of fighting ancient evil in the buried cities of alien worlds?

Well, if this sounds like your flagon of grog, then check out the PRINT edition of PULP WINDS, with introductions by Walter Bosley, Brad Steiger, and Gerald W. Page! These illustrated tales will take you from the antediluvian world to lost cities beneath the earth, onward to other planets around distant stars, and even to the Dark Ages, the Old West and the High Seas.

Presented in a large-format for easier reading and for viewing of the artwork, the design is reminiscent of the pulp magazines of an earlier, bygone era. Those of you familiar with Mott’s non-fiction Fortean research will find familiar themes from the realms of the unknown interwoven into, through, and beneath these stories, like the currents of a deep black subterranean river of mystery, glimpsed and occasionally revealed in all its weirdness and terror, before plunging beneath the surface again. Also included is an article on Fortean matters along the lines of the research presented in Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures, Mott’s definitive non-fiction opus on high strangeness, hidden beings, and real-life mysteries. Some of the stories and poems in PULP WINDS have only previously appeared in Lost Continent Library Magazine, Planetary Stories, Startling Stories, and elsewhere, and are now available in this single collection, along with a large amount of other works. If the reader finds occasional hints of the Apocrypha, the Pseudepigrapha, the Book of Skelos, the Eltdown Shards, the Necronomicon, and yes, even the mad musings of the Shaver Mystery in these tales… It is no mere happenstance!

Profusely illustrated, and reminiscent of pulp fiction and verse of a bygone era, PULP WINDS offers adventures in the truest spirit of the original pulp magazines… BLOOD AND THUNDER have returned to the literary realm. PULP WINDS will satisfy your cravings for fast-paced, haunting adventures across time and space!

This lavishly illustrated book of fiction and verse can now be obtained at Amazon.com, as well as at CreateSpace (with a 20% discount for the month of October 2014, if you use code MHCK3EQC at checkout)!

The same discount code can also be applied to CreateSpace purchases of two non-fiction titles by W.M. Mott, for the month of October 2014 only. . . . So expand your library while the deal is hot!


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