n Early Merry Christmas, I said.


I wrote that back in October, when Number Nine was supposed to be out the first week of November.

'supposed to' didn't take into consideration a major computer breakdown, and a loss of carrier and the time involved in getting a new carrier and. . .and. . .--NO! Enuf of that.

The IMPORTANT thing is, we're rolling again. . .well, 'limping' might be more descriptive, but the important thing is We're Moving!

Welcome our new artist/writer, Taral Wayne. He's well represented in thish. Have an intro for him, but it's one of the MANY things that'll hafta wait until Number Ten.

And, speaking of Number Nine and Number Ten, note we've dropped the 'Vol _ No _' stuff. It's a lot easier just carrying the actual numbers forward; no real purpose in saying what volume it is.