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nother issue packed with enjoyment. New authors, new artists, and lotsa good stuff from our old standbys.

--And, of course, we're doing something different. For one thing, due to the discussion about duotone illos, some stories have BOTH, the illos with pulp background as if they were really printed on pulp, and others with the same illos but with white background. Also, I've located a Poll Site. At the bottom of the Contents page there is a place where you can vote for your favorite story or feature. Please take advantage of it; as I've said over and over, we need feedback in order to find out if we're keeping your interest.

Of course, as I keep saying, letters of comment are even better! Send 'em to That ain't hard to remember!

We're even carrying a Fanzine Review column, thanx to Guy Lillian III, who is allowing us to lift stuff from his great fanzine, Zine Dump.

Something else: We're now carrying brief bios of some of our contributors! You'll find Guy's at the bottom of Zine Dump-X, and there is one on Wm Michael Mott in Wonderlust. Rounding it off, below I have a bio for a new writer (new to US -- as you'll see from his bio, he's had LOTS printed.) It's Lou Antonelli, author of Fermi's Fraternity.


"Lou Antonelli is a writer who lives in deepest, darkest East Texas. The speculative fiction blog No Fear of the Future dubbed him "heir to old school penny-a-word pulps." Lou has had more than 30 stories published since he started writing science fiction in 2002. He has earned a combined eight honorable mentions in "The Year's Best Science Fiction" published by St. Martin's Press for 2004, 2005, and 2006. His day job is as managing editor of the Daily Tribune in Mount Pleasant, Texas."

Fermi's Fraternity