Cover by Paul McCall, illustrating "Thralls of the Endless McGuirk"




Now, that may seem like re-stating the obvious, but I felt it was called for. Like, back in April I told some folks Issue 7 would be out around the first week of May.

It's now the first week of June!

Two, three weeks ago I thot, 'So we're nearly ready to go.' Yeah! Shows how much I know!

We had lotsa stories, lotsa features, what looked like something close to a complete issue ready to roll . . . but, as it turned out, there were at least two important stories still awaiting, the cover wasn't qui-i-ite ready, and one feature suddenly developed a snag.

Well, that's one of the things I like about having my own magazine and NO schedule. So I delayed going forward until now.

This issue is dedicated to Ray Bradbury, with Bradbury-inspired stories and poems. As I mentioned before, we decided to dedicate a coupla issues to LIVING legends, unstead of waiting for their death. I think you'll like the result. And, I just learned some Bradbury news: The Pulitzer Prize Committee has awarded Bradbury a citation for his work! Just a lee-ee-etle more impressive than having us dedicate an issue to him!

We have some great stuff in thish; contributions by Jerry Page, Michael Shack, Eric Lee. Bob Bolin, Mike Mott (who provided not only a great poem but terrific illos to go with it) as well as the conclusion of my novel, Bluewater, talented artists like Jim Garrison, Paul McCall, and on and on. It always amazes me how generous people can be with the really excellent fruits of their labor.

Write us!

Yeah, yeah; I know -- I'm always harping on that. Should be enuf that you read the mag. and I'm glad you do. BUT -- how can I tell if we're doing things right (or wrong!) if you don't write and tell us about it? Like, I've only had one objection to the new format, so I hafta assume (and you know what they say about 'assume') that most of you are finding it acceptable. BUT -- I won't know if you don't tell me.

I know, I mention all this in the WRITE! feature, but it doesn't hurt to repeat myself. . . .

BESIDES -- I've been trying to make clickable address links and have only NOW found out they don't work! I can't seem to get hotmail to cooperate -- so, as I said above, write to let us know.

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