Cover by Jerry Burge colorized by William Jackson


ore changes! Jerry Robinette showed me how to accomplish Drop Caps (like what you see here!) something I have, before, fiddled with unsuccessfully. I remember how the old pulps used to use it a lot. --And thanx go to Clif Jackson, too, for providing me with another alphabet to supplement WordPerfect. Now, I'm sure I'll learn more and improve the look as time goes by.

Let me start by introducing a new artist -- Jim Garrison! Go to Bluewater to see a lot of his excellent work. The only drawback is that Jim isn't online; all his material has come by snailmail -- and, considering the quality of it, at a very speedy rate! He already has work in for the second part of Bluewater, and I'm sure we'll see him represented more and more as time goes by. And (better late than later!) the header for Bluewater was done by Clif Jackson. Many thanx, Clif!

Write us!

Yeah, yeah; I know -- I'm always harping on that. Should be enuf that you read the mag. and I'm glad you do. BUT -- how can I tell if we're doing things right (or wrong!) if you don't write and tell us about it? Like, I've only had one objection to the new format, so I hafta assume (and you know what they say about 'assume') that most of you are finding it acceptable. BUT -- I won't know if you don't tell me.

Sure, I mention all this in the WRITE! feature, but it doesn't hurt to repeat myself. . . .


Speaking of repeating things; I want everyone to be able to properly appreciate the illo for Spirit of Pulps; it's so small, Jackson's ability is hidden. So --

And, to explain what's behind the Spirit of Pulps, I'm lifting some stuff from when Jerry Page and I were discussing it -- Thans, Jerry!

"What belongs in The Spirit of Pulp?"

The simple truth is that most of the pulp influenced or pulp based stories you're going to see will be suitable for either Planetary Stories of Wonderlust.

When people think of the pulps (those who know them), after the sf and fantasy mags, they think of Hero Pulps, the Spicies, the Weird Menace titles, and maybe the detective books.

The obvious stuff to put in Spirit of Pulp is stuff that leans on detective or masked hero fiction. But I think you could run some other types. One type, very akin to the series hero pulps, is something I'm going to call Gothic Detective for want of a better designation. These are fast action stories, usually with two-fisted heroes and a hidden villain, too frenetic to pretend to be formal mystery puzzles but not quite realistic enough to be hardboiled, either. The elements would be fantastic villains with grandiose schemes, a beautiful heroine, an equally beautiful but "soiled" female thrown in to complicate everything, dark alleyways, waterfronts, gangs of crooks, old dark houses filled with secret panels, elaborate death traps and the like.

That's a hodge-podge and sets the foundation for just about anything I might try to write. So we can assume that I write the pulp style stuff because I like to write it!

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