Cover by Allen Koszowski


This issue is developed without the help of Jerry Page!

Jerry's computer crashed a coupla months ago. He bought a new one, but it had problems, so he hasn't had a thing to do with the contents of this issue. In fact, you will note there are multiple stories by one Shelby Vick

Blame it on Jerry.

Trying something different this time. ...What, you say we're ALways trying something different? Well, mebbe so. Anyway, read on.

Showed the cover illo around, and it ended up in the hands of a newcomer, Jim Leigh, whose action-packed story is featured this issue. Does anyone remember Frank Buck? He captured dangerous animals and 'Brought 'em back alive'. In Jim's story, the 'dangerous animal' is a dragon in outer space!"Here They Be Dragons"

Speaking of newcomers, Sean Monaghan demonstrated - quite well! - that he knows what we mean by Space Opera. His 'Trent Lucharge to the Rescue Again!' is a perfect example of what we want: full of action, with a touch of humor. Don't miss it.Trent Lucharge to the Rescue Again!

Then I've started a new series (I know it's a series, because the second one is almost finished and there's a start on the third one) about space pirates trying to reclaim their part of the universe from the invading Assyrians. Humor, action, wacky beings that include a morph, and more action. Space Pirates Anonymous

There are many, many more stories to enjoy. Have fun!


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