Cover illo by Allen Koszowski


Hope everyone enjoys Rob Shelsky's story as much as I did! Allen sent me the illos and gave me a free hand with 'em. I was very impressed, thanked him, and then came up with an experiment -- I sent Rob the illos and asked if he thot he could write a story around it all. Luckily, he jumped at the chance!

One thing I should mention: Over the years, BEM has become a term so well used that it's a cliche -- but most people think of 'Bug-Eyed' as eyes with lotsa facets, like the eye of an insect. Rob used it the way others have done, that is -- bulging eyes. When someone's eye look like they're about to pop out, some say he's 'bug-eyed with astonishment' or somesuch. So, to me, Rob has come up with a NEW way of using 'bug-eyed monster'.

But mebbe that's just me.

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