Cover illo by Jerry Burge


WHAT??? It's alREADY time for the next ish? How time flies when you're having fun!

To begin with, news of our NEXT issue: We're putting out a Holiday Issue around Halloween. Halloween stories, Christmas stories, and -- if someone wil s-e-n-d one (that's what's known as a b-r-o-a-d hint!) a Thanksgiving story. Special illos as well.

Mentioning illos, I am still absolutely amazed at the artistic talent we get, and now new additions thish by Paulette Perlman on Rob Shelsky's 'Angels Dancing'.

For that matter, new authors like Rob Shelsky, Erwin K Roberts (in Pulp Spirit) and Richard Logan. 'R' seems to be lucky for us -- 'R'ob, 'R'oberts and 'R'ichard. Give 'em all a read, and tell us what you think!

Another new one to our fold is Earl Kemp who wrote a hilarious account concerning his friend, Art Widner, in 'We Salute' thish.

Look thish over, then write us at!

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