Cover illo by Jerry Burge, posed by Heather


Well, the results are in. 38 want us to drop double columns, and 18 said it didn't matter to 'em. 21 said to continue columns.

You'll note that SOME double columns remain. In fact, we'll probably be carrying a certain amount of double columns for some time to come -- but now we're free to go as we please. MAIN diff is when there are illos involved; then we're severely limited on size of the drawings -- and some really would be better in a larger size.

On the other hand, stories with a lotta short columns and no illos seem to have a lot of empty space on the right. For an example of that, look at Door Closing, a fine story by Wendy Webb. It's in Pulp Spirit. Didn't have illos, and I was too lazy to double-column it.

--CORRECTED IT! Plus, it has been pointed out to me that maneuvering around is kinda difficult. Here's the 'map', so-to-speak: Click on Contents. What you get is the Planetary Stories contents. To access Pulp Spirit, slide down to Pulp Spirit and, as instructed, click on the title. Then you'll get the Pulp Spirit contents page and you select the story or feature you wanta read.

Some other changes are on the way next issue. I've used Tables a bit, but I'm not really into 'em. Lloyd McDaniel suggested a site that tells you all about using tables in formatting and it sounds useful.

ANOTHER 'Thank you!' is necessary. I owe many thanks to Joe Green's wife, Patti, who has, among many other things, put me onto TCH who is our new carrier, AND she has been much help in our new Contents Page formatting. Never coulda done it without you, Patti! Many, many thanks!

Write us; let us know what your think about what we've done.

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