The trick on you is -- Planetary Stories is out on schedule!!!

Not only Planetary Stories, but also our new sister magazine, Pulp Spirit (wouldn't you know it; another 'PS'!) Pulp Spirit is replacing Wonderlust, becos there were so few fantasy stories and so MANY pulp stories that it just seemed a logical step to take.

Let us know what you think of it.

A word (well, SEVERAL words) about quality. I know, I know; many say that Space Opera and 'quality' are at opposite ends of the spectrum -- but we know better! We remember Leigh Brackett, C L Moore, Henry Kuttner -- you get the idea. Anyway, we've been fortunate to have some very talented writers contribute good work -- for instance, read The Voice in Pulp Spirit -- as well as newcomers who show great talent.

Unfortunately, that's where my weak spot asserts itself -- writers who turn out something not quite up-to-snuff, but I still like it and pub it -- then worry that the authors doing more quality material, when they see the lesser piece in the same ish as theirs, get resentful. But hey, I know what it's like to have submssions turned down by paying markets. Our only pay is egoboo.

--Yeah, but don't the better writers feel they get more egoboo if their publisher maintains a quality level?

In any case, I try to make certain that what we carry is enjoyable, to one extent or another.

So that's the question: Who's fooling who? -- Am I the. . . .