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One morning, an old porcupine named Todd heard on the radio that the world he lived in would change into something untold.

With dazzling news as this, Ol' Todd decided to wake up and climb off the bed of his.

Ol' Todd stood up and wore his coat, his spine made to it a bunch of holes. But Ol' Todd really didn' t care, and even left his home with empty soles.

Because this change would make the world a different place, and a few holes would really make no case.

When Ol' Todd stepped one foot out of his door, he found his breathing was really a chore. The animals he knew; the wolf, the fox, the lion and the frog were running in and out of fuzzy smog.

Because everyone had heard the breaking news and mass hysteria had turned them loose. Not affected at all, Ol' Todd put his hat on; outside the sun was shining bright, so he began his journey blindly to the right.

If poor Ol' Todd excelled in one thing, then in walking unfretted; he was clearly the king.

As he marched and enjoyed his stroll, he had an encounter, Brother and Sister Corn.

He wouldn' t naturally notice them unless they were blaming each other for getting lost, slapping and fighting, bossing and bossed.

Ol' Todd felt a small whirl against his tummy . . . and yes! This is what he forgot to carry. He didn' t prepare his favorite breakfast sandwich deli: thus, Ol' Todd suffered hunger in his belly.

By closely examining the yellow kernel affray, the two corn siblings looked to him like prey.

'Howdy there, young Corns and kindly say: how' s your beautiful day?'

Brother Corn stopped and said, 'Howdy you, Ol' Todd. How' s your porcupine back going on?'

'Getting stiff and old. Doctor said I have to avoid the cold; and this is why I wear my wooly, cozy coat.'

'We hope then you' re enjoying the rest of your day. We have to keep on and find back our own way.'

'Afraid I cannot let you go,' Ol' Todd stepped in with eyes lit. 'I can only see you as my treat.'

'Please don' t eat us, Mr. Porcupine Todd,' Brother and Sister Corn begged him. 'Not until we find the truth about this world.'

'So you' ve also been informed, the world we live will change?'

'We' ve heard it on the radio, and started boiling with rage.'

'Well then, I have a solution for you, young Corns. I can let you go for now . . . But we are to sign together a death contract or simply a vow . . .

. . . And when you find the secret you' ve be looking for, you' ll straightly flash back to me with no delay, because you now belong to my menu tray.'

Ol' Todd stretched his back and pulled a spike out, and handed it to the sibling Corns as a token of their contract bonds.

'Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Porcupine Todd. Take our advice though without any further pause, so you don' t waste time in an unnecessary cause . . .

. . . We' ve been spending so much time here on the right side, yet received no clue or vibe about how the world change or perhaps collide . . .

. . . Take a turn back and make your explorations to the left. Perhaps you' ll be lucky enough, to not bump into a border cleft.'

'I' ll take your advice and immediately turn back . . . Please do not forget your vows with which you' re now stuck. . . .

. . . You are to be eaten by me, and only me, the spike in your backpack will always remind you of thee.'

Herewith Ol' Todd changed his route and started ambling to the left.

He had nearly spent half of his lifetime, but his quest was certainly a worthwhile pastime.

He walked for hours and days tuning songs in his whisper, until a ghastly shadow gave the Sun a blister.

And this is when Ol' Todd decided to gaze aloft, to witness a vulture storming down with eyes that weren' t soft.

Poor Ol' Todd screamed in distress and agony, but sympathy from the vulture was only given with parsimony.

'Please don' t eat me, Vulture Almighty . . . I have a purpose to fulfill, that is, I need to see the world change, before death leaves me still.'

'Your request is accepted Mr. Porcupine. I need to keep a token of trust; a death contract ensuring that upon fulfilling this quest of yours, you' ll be willingly brought to my talons and claws.'

'We have an agreement, Vulture Almighty. Thank you for your generosity!' Ol' Todd said, and pulled another spike from his back, to seal this treaty of monstrosity.

As Vulture Almighty flew away and got lost from sight, his last words came out like a riddle guide.

'Take my advice though Ol' Todd Porcupine and future meal; I came from where you' re going now, and there' s no secret buried anywhere near . . .

. . . You' ll have to prove you' re bright, and look for answers to the right!'

Right and left, left and right! This was certainly a futile fight.

'There' s nowhere else to leap for; the promise was a metaphor,' he said, aching and sore.

Poor Ol' Todd, the forest porcupine stood at the midst of the world he knew dazzled and lonely. And sighed with disappointment, for the radio announcement had been rather phony.

'I should never dismantle my harmony and peace. Why on earth did I crave for a change, when everything else in my life was settled with bliss?'

'. . . I' ll head back to my humble dorm. My life will nearly end, and dying right now seems to be the only norm!'

Poor Ol' Todd was fooled and felt deranged, because he couldn' t perceive the nature of the change.

The world he lived in only had left and right; a one dimensional world, it was. This world though was no longer effective, the God -sketch artist- decided to draw perspective.

So unlucky, poor Ol' Todd, the porcupine was. All these possibilities would now turn empty and blunt, because the death contracts he signed made him shackled and stunned.