Conducted by Lt. Luna

Well, it's time for a special installment of "The Vibrating Ether." This ish celebrates the many years Jim Garrison has dedicated his great talents to our ship. He even (ahem) manages to catch my own sexy beauty.

We're only carrying one letter, Tess Mckenzie commenting on Jim's undeniable talents illustrating her great story, The Prince of Fey. Go for it, Tess!

The artist - I like lots! Very much so! Would you mind telling him from me? And also saying thank you heaps to him for the effort and skill and doing this?

Thank you lots to you as well, for organizing everything and making suggestions too about editing too! I really appreciate the effort both of you have made!

Anyways, it's very exciting! Seeing the pictures. I've never had illustrations on things before so I'm really not sure what to think! I don't really know what to say, so um. . . if I sound stupid maybe don't pass this along... but the style reminds me of a graphic novel I read ages ago although I can't actually remember which one... but graphic novel in a very good way. Like that there's action and movement in the illustrations? I'm not sure if that makes sense?

I think I prefer this style with more shadow to simpler line drawings too, so that's good as well!

So with the pictures, I liked them all, but especially, I really liked the second image down, the one with three of them shown, and also the mouse-riding one at the bottom... both were kind of showing what I had in my head in a way I hadn't really expected, if that makes sense? Because it's actually quite weird seeing pictures like that. And I'm not quite sure if that makes sense either, but it's new to me!

Because oddly, I hadn't actually thought about what people wear. . . this about Ribeg not having a shirt, but actually, there's no reason he should have a shirt! So there you go!

So anyways, I really like the illustrations and I'm very grateful to him for doing this, and I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit silly, and not very detailed... I'm just not quite sure what comments he would be looking for? I mean, I can try again if you think I should, but I don't really know much about art, sorry. . . so I still might not say anything sensible!

But do say if you think I should?


Tess, the Cap says your letter is perfect, and needs nothing but exposure to the readers! Which is, in my own inimitable way, what I just done. . . .

Lt. Luna: