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Planetary Stories is launching a contest!

Each issue of Planetary Stories, Pulp Spirit and Wonderlust will be carrying the winner of that contest.

While making the above statement, I realize there is a chance it won't work out. We might not have enough winners, as there is only a few months before our first deadline, which will be September 15th. However, we will do our best to publicize this contest and make that statement come true.

There are three categories, one for stories 250 words or less, one for stories up to 500 words, and flash fiction up to 1,000 words. ONE WINNER PER CATEGORY. The winner in each category will receive five cents per word, as well as a book from the Featured Author. No duplicate entries are allowed.

Each Featured Author will have a book of his on display, similar to those on either side. Anyone can click on the book to purchase it, but the winner will receive a copy and his check.

Stories should be submitted to Single-spaced and 14 pt Arial or Times New Roman is suggeted.

In addition, we are soliciting advertising. Once the advertising revenue is sufficient, we will begin paying authors for accepted stories.

We at Planetary Stories are excited about this new development, and are anxious to see the beginning of the submissions.

A panel of judges will determine the winner.


He fought the gods for her!

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Cat has died thousands of times. He is unaware of an evil twin, until their meeting at the conclusion. The twin wants to control Cat, and all the world!

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